On this page you can find the main survey of the Where Does Europe End? 2.0 project! This survey will allow us to collect and analyse data from young Europeans about their feelings towards Europe and the European project. With these results we will be able to draw conclusions with correlations and through interviews at events which will add to our data collection so we can write a policy paper with real statistics behind it.

The journey towards this survey has taken has lasted a while, with the groundwork already being laid last year at the formation of the project and the finalising of the survey (including a focus group) taking place in March 2021. This survey has been launched at the 12th of April 2021 and will be available until the start of 2022. With it we want to reach upwards of 1000 people with 15% extra being from members of AEGEE who can be used as a control group.

We encourage all of you to fill in our survey and hope you’ll enjoy it!