Our conferences will partly overlap with the content of our case study trips, but each one will have its own subject related to Europe and European Identity. Save the date for our opening conference in February, more information will follow soon!

General information

Over the course of 1,5 year, we will organise both online and offline conferences .This includes one opening conference, one closing conference and five conferences in between. We are aiming to collaborate with universities for a part of these conferences, which means that the sessions will be given by experts in the field. AEGEE antenna’s have the opportunity to host both online and offline conferences, so reach out to us if you are interested in hosting one! The months in which we plan to organise these conferences are February, March, April, May, September, October and December 2021.

Closing conference

Our closing conference will be a place for discussion of the findings we have done over the course of 1,5 years! In this conference, we will also present to you the policy recommendations that we have developed in this time period and we will create a space for input on how to further develop these recommendations.

Case study trips

We are planning to organise a case study trip in at least three different countries, most likely in Ireland, Turkey and Ukraine. There will only be about 15 spots per trip, which is why we decided to provide similar content for each trip. In this way, every case study participant will receive a complete package of new knowledge! The one thing that will be unique to each trip is the session on local culture.

Besides learning about the culture of your country of stay, we will provide several workshops: on European Identity, communication skills, how to have an impact and how to conduct research. We will also let participants put theory into practice: they will be able to go out on the streets and do live interviewing, to  find out how the local population perceives Europe! After we have done live surveying sessions, we will have some sessions to conclude and evaluate our findings. The findings that participants make during the case study trips will be implemented into our future activities and project papers, which means you that if you join a case study trip you contribute directly to the content of our project!

We are planning to organise a case study trip in june, september and november 2021, the exact dates will follow.