Where Does Europe End?

Join us on our journey to find out where Europe really ends!

Together with my team, I want to spread knowledge about different views on Europe and activate more young people to start thinking and discussing about what Europe means for them. Let’s find out what being European actually means, all together!

Timo HaarmanProject Manager

In the end of this project maybe we can find a non-definite answer to Where Does Europe End?

Calvin BreakwellContent Manager

Where does Europe truly End? I hope that we will find an answer for that by the end of this project. Stay tuned, and follow our next step, it will be fun!

Teodora PanusFinancial Director

I would love to contribute to both informing and empowering young people to participate in society on a European level, while trying to answer the most important question: "Where does Europe end?’’

Ilse DriessenPublic Relations

When faced with so enormous a task as to find out where Europe ends, one happens to feel small at times. Don't be! Join our quest for answers and witness a new, confident, European consciousness emerging!

Alexej SilenkoContent Manager

I don't think there's an exact answer to the question: "Where Does Europe End?" However, we will certainly learn a lot about the culture and history of Europe.

Sophie Crespel CaronExternal Relations and Event Management

I’m interested in how people perceive their European Identity. It’s something that can be influenced by many factors in life and I’m looking forward to finding out more about it throughout the project.

Aleksandra RachwalskaSecretary & Impact Measurement